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My name is Victoria!

Welcome to my portfolio page. I am a writer, editor, reporter, and photographer. Keep scrolling to read my clips, view some of my published photos, and learn more about my background!
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Who Is Victoria?

As a writer, editor, photographer, and lover of authentic expression, Victoria's goal is to illuminate the stories that deserve to be heard and seen. She specializes in writing entertainment features about local niche cultures, interviewing artists, and photographing live events.

Victoria spent the majority of her time at college in the newsroom of her school paper, learning all she could about the elements and ethics of responsible reporting and journalism. She quickly ran her name up the masthead working as a copy editor, A&E Editor, and finally, Editor-in-Chief.

After graduating with a B.A. in English, Victoria became the Managing Editor of the nationwide publication Red Canary Magazine, which covers urgent environmental, social justice and equity issues.

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